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Salt Water Fly Fishing

enjoy the best Fly Fishing experience in the most wild and vast regions on the face of the earth

Venezuela and Mexico are the two most beautiful countries around the Caribbean sea and at the same time have almost no fishing pressure like many other salt water destinations for bonefish, tarpon and freshwater for peacock bass.

Fly fishing forTarpon

During the trip to the flats by boat, you will ride through tarpon waters on your way. You can get lost in this beautiful ecosystem of miles of mangrove channels, grass flats and small to medium size lagoons along the eastern shore. The area provides a very good number of tarpon in the range of 30 to 90 pounds. One of the most important sources of food for these tarpons is the glass/minnows schools. This bait-fish is locally called Camiguana, and of course we try to match their shape with every pattern we cast to the silver king.

Most of the tarpon fishing is done from the boat. In this search for the “Silver King”, you have to think about tides. Tides have a very strong influence on the movement take out of tarpon and it is critical to understand their migratory cycles if you want to catch one of this Silver Kings.
Fly Fishing for Bonefish

We discovered Venezuela’s flats remove when we were searching for “undiscovered” waters for bonefish and tarpon fishing. The search was based on trying to stay away from the increasing fishing pressure around well known salt-water places.
Venezuela’s continental coast and its flats have proven to be a legitimate trophy-size bonefish fishery.

And talking about bonefish fishing, have you ever had all your line and most of your backing torn off your reel in the blink of an eye? If you are exclusively a trout fisherman, you probably haven’t. Well, if you are considering how to have that first experience, let me suggest to you “the greyhound” of the saltwater flats, the bonefish.

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