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Buenos aires overnight and transfers
We can provide and also personalize this service, if you decide on your trip to make a Buenos Aires overnight. This will include all airport, cigar shopping, restaurant and hotel transfers.

Trip schedule on general basis.
This item will give you an idea about wake up, breakfast, driving, fishing, lunch and dinner times along the trip. Most of the time, during a regular day, we will wake you up at 8 o´clock A.M., breakfast at 8.30 A.M., leave for fishing at 9.00 A.M. Lunch time around 1.30 P.M.. Dinner at the hotels, hosterías or lodges at 9.30 P.M. Every day you will have no less than 8 to 9 fishing hours.
You can also find all the driving times on our pre- trip description.

Bariloche, Bolson or Esquel shopping and money exchange.
Major credit cards and US dollars are widely accepted everywhere in Argentina.
Money exchange is becoming more and more stable in our country, however we will update you with the proper exchange rates at the time of your trip.

Bariloche has many small leather and wool-clothing shops. Also wood and silver handcrafters along with shoe or boots makers will show you their beautiful products. Chocolate, ice-cream, parrilla (barbecue), smoked game (red deer, trout, wild boar) and pasta makers will tempt you to step into their shops.

Bolson is well known for having the best fine fruit (berries) and small breweries in the country. This town has the first "hippie" settlements in Argentina during the "flower power époque", and there are still many of them around.

Non Fishing Companions Activities
Bariloche is surrounded by the gorgeous Nahuel Huapi National Park and located besides Nahuel Huapi lake. There are many activities we can take you to, from horseback rides to white waters rafting trips, from quiet forest hiking to bird-watching, and to see the most outstanding landscapes in the world. This is why more non fishing companions are coming every year looking for their trip of a life-time.

Our customs department will ask you for your valid passport. The passport must be valid for 6 months after the last day of your trip. You will have to fill out a tourist card during the international flight. Do not lose your stamped copy of this card as you will need to present it when you are leaving the country. No visa is needed for U.S. or U.K. citizens. Our airports administration will charge you a departure tax of U$ 30. And as of 2010, an entry tax of U$131, good for 10 years-

Emergency Phone Numbers
Before you arrive in the country, we will send you the phone numbers of every lodge and place where we will be staying during the trip.

Wild Life
The fishing places we will take you to around Patagonia have two different types of landscape and weather. The west side of the country, besides the mountain range, with rich green forest and considerable annual rain. And the other, on the east side, is mostly dry and flat dessert. Neither of them have have wild life that is dangerous to human beings.

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