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Fly fishing trips
This description will show you not only all the fishing options, combining the fishing places around Patagonia, but also some examples that could help you or us to build your own trip.
All the different programs and options are based on double occupancy.

Fishing Places
For every possible trip, we save a line or two for your special requests or needs, like food, hotels, rooms, transportation, fishing and casting, etc.
This is leading our work to build for you the most comfortable trip ever.


Traful (non floatable)
Pichileufu (non floatable)
Caleufu (Flotable up to mid febraury)
Collon-Curá (Floatable)
Rivadavia (Esquel) (floatable)
Grande (Esquel) (floatable)
Arroyo Pescado (Esquel) (non floatable)
Limay  (Floatable)

Nahuel Huapi
Verde (Esquel)
Rivadavia (Esquel)
Lago 3 ( Rio Pico) (Esquel)

Pages:  12  | 3


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