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The art of fly rod building

The passion of building fly rods

Why do we at Ricigliano Fly Rod Building put such meticulous dedication into the design of each individual rod?

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Mel Krieger and Rhea Topping comments...

..."Easily, the most beautiful and practical fly rods I have ever seen"...
Mel Krieger

..."Exquisit does not begin to describe the beauty of my fly rod, the most beautiful feather inlay and wrap work I have ever seen"...
Rhea Topping



Every one of the 10 steps of the Ricigliano fly rod building process is done by hand, and very special attention is paid to every minute detail. The fly rod blanks are selected according to the type of fishing that our clients will be doing. The meticulous selection of every cork ring, and the final lathing process, is done to adapt the grip to the size of each individual customer’s hand. The type of wrapping thread that we use has been specifically selected to hold the guides securely in place, and the colors selected to match the feather inlays perfectly. The wooden reel seat inserts, with a selection of several wood choices, are carefully stabilized for intensive use. And finally, our special epoxy process and every individual feather applied in our unique and one-of-a-kind designs are painstakingly done by hand.

When my wife, Isabel, and I build one of our rods, we put tremendous passion into our work every step of the way until the final product is completed.

Because it is impossible today for large fly rod manufactures to be able to give each and every rod the special attention that many fly fishermen require and need, we carefully distribute the stress points on each blank to accommodate it for both casting and playing fish. We love what we do, and we really want to pass all the passion we put into our work on to each and every one of our customers.

Every one of our exclusive feather inlay designs are truly a piece of artwork. Each of our rods has unique custom feather inlay designs at each ferrule connection. Each design has a number and code to identify our customers.
Every unique feather inlay design is made from a different combination of Jungle Cock, Blue Chatterer, Kingfisher, Peacock and Macao feathers.
These specific types of feathers are the same ones which were used since the very beginning for tying salmon flies

Each feather is carefully selected and specially treated to prevent discoloration from the rays of the sun.


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